Dr Amanda<br> Foo-Ryland

Dr Amanda

Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland is an International Speaker, Empowerment in Adversity guru, best-selling author and Founder of Your Life Live It.

Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland has been in human development for over 30 years, she is an expert in empowering others when the going gets nasty. She speaks Internationally, trains Neuro Linguistic Programming courses globally and works with over 18 Coaches with her company ‘Your Life, Live It.’
Amanda has coached thousands of clients, from CEO’s to children, her knowledge of NLP and her Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis have helped her embrace curve balls in her own life. She is the creator of ‘Just Be Me’ an online program, designed to boost living in truth and integrity, even when life gets gritty.
Author of ‘This is it,’ she is committed to helping other live life to maximum, you only get one so make it count. This is it, it’s your life live it.