Luna Wood

Luna Wood

Holistic Counsellor, Meditation guide, Shaman and founder of the Light Centre for Transformation

Luna Wood is the founder of the Light Centre for Transformation (Brisbane) and facilitates workshops, meditations, shamanic journeys, holistic counselling and bodywork that support healing and re- connection to a healthier, happier and more sustainable version of Self.

Luna Wood is an artist, teacher, mentor and modern Medicine Woman. With 30 years of experience in bodywork, personal development and Shamanic practices, Luna has supported a community of hundreds of people who seek emotional and spiritual transformation.

Luna is known for bridging worlds. The seen and the unseen, the masculine and feminine, mystic and digital, business and spiritual. She inspires ritualised living, inviting women and families to replace busyness with beingness to celebrate connection through beauty, awareness and love.

Luna inspires a nurtured, nourished, supported, protected and connected lifestyle within the Sacred Beauty of Life.